Ron has been involved with Obedience since April of 1998 when he took his 12 week old GSD puppy Lexi to a puppy class for what appeared to be a ten week class.

One puppy class turned into a ten week beginner class.  That turned into a five week Intermediate class.  That turned into an continuing advanced class which eventually led Ron and Lexi to their first CD Obedience title.  Now this all led right into their second GSD, Anya, whom Ron got as a rescue at age four.

Ron took what he had learned from his first Obedience dog and applied it to Anya. Which led them to their AKC CD title.  Then Ron and Anya went on to get their AKC CDX title after which Ron started to teach her Utility level exercises.  In the interim Ron took time to show in a new venue with the AKC called Rally-O and UKC Obedience while they worked on their Utility.

They advanced through Rally from Novice to Advanced to Excellent then they went on to get her RAE title in Rally ( double Q in Advanced and Excellent at the same show 10X).  After finishing Rally and UKC finally getting her UCDX they started showing in AKC Utility, finally obtaining that title in October of 2008.

Somewhere in there Ron also found time to become a Licensed UKC Rally Obedience judge.

Ron teaches Rally / Obedience at Candy’s Canines.