Cheryl Carter

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Cheryl Carter is the owner and operator of Candy’s Canines as well as being the instructor for the all the levels of agility classes.

In 1992 Cheryl Carter was looking for something fun to do with her mixed breed dog Wishes. Back then most dog sports (Obedience, Tracking, etc.) were for purebred dogs only. That’s when Cheryl found the sport of agility. And from then on she was hooked!

Cheryl has trained several different breeds of dogs and has helped her dogs achieve many titles. The dog that started it all, Wishes, was retired in 2000 and now waits at the Rainbow Bridge. With Cheryl by his side Wishes attained several titles in his lifetime.

Since Wishes, Cheryl has trained many BC’s, including Shamus, quite a fun loving dog, who passed away in January of 2009.

Willow the Wisp of Narnia, now 12 ½ , yet another extreme BC, retired from agility to pursue her love of herding and obedience (currently still going strong with Rally).

Willow’s daughter, Hijacker’s Air Express, (aka Pandy) who earned her NATCH on Cheryl’s birthday … How’s THAT for a birthday present? Pandy lives for agility and loves every minute of it, sometimes to the extreme. Cheryl has taught her incredible distance and problem solving that she has learned from Sharon Nelson and Becky Woodruff of NADAC.

Her up and coming agility prospects are the Three Pupsketeers, 6 month old Frost, Magick and Swift. They have all started agility training under Amanda Nelson’s programs, all are clicker trained, and are progressing by leaps and bounds. Cheryl is handling Magick, Swifty is with his new found teammate Karen Pederson since Kai’s passing in April 2009, Swifty is Kai’s brother so keepin it all in the family! and Frosty with his special girl Madeline and junior handler who also runs an awesome Shih-Tzu name Hercules.

Besides agility, Cheryl is currently active with the rest of her pack in Herding, Flyball and Obedience with a bit of trick training mixed in.

“I love to get into the dog’s minds and love to see that light bulb turn on in both the dog and handler. Watching my students grow and learn is the greatest gift I could ever ask for.”

Ron Bidstrup

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Ron has been involved with Obedience since April of 1998 when he took his 12 week old GSD puppy Lexi to a puppy class for what appeared to be a ten week class.

One puppy class turned into a ten week beginner class.  That turned into a five week Intermediate class.  That turned into an continuing advanced class which eventually led Ron and Lexi to their first CD Obedience title.  Now this all led right into their second GSD, Anya, whom Ron got as a rescue at age four.

Ron took what he had learned from his first Obedience dog and applied it to Anya. Which led them to their AKC CD title.  Then Ron and Anya went on to get their AKC CDX title after which Ron started to teach her Utility level exercises.  In the interim Ron took time to show in a new venue with the AKC called Rally-O and UKC Obedience while they worked on their Utility.

They advanced through Rally from Novice to Advanced to Excellent then they went on to get her RAE title in Rally ( double Q in Advanced and Excellent at the same show 10X).  After finishing Rally and UKC finally getting her UCDX they started showing in AKC Utility, finally obtaining that title in October of 2008.

Somewhere in there Ron also found time to become a Licensed UKC Rally Obedience judge.

Ron teaches Rally / Obedience at Candy’s Canines.

Mary Ann Bruno

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MABnDogsMary Ann has loved creatures of all kinds all of her life. After having many canine friends over the years, the most natural progression was to help teach others how to love, care, and support their animals. Since 2007 Mary Ann has been attending classes at Candy’s with her Rat Terrier, Violet. In 2009, MaxY (a Rat Terrier mix) was added to the family. The first decision after bringing MaxY home was when to start classes. The answer was right away and both dogs are now thriving and doing well in obedience and agility classes.

In 2011, Mary Ann joined the Candy’s family as an instructor and equipment organizer. Seeing the smile on both the humans’ and dogs’ faces when they succeed is the best reward. Mary Ann looks forward to many years of training, competing, and growing with you and the Candy Canine family.

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